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You and your staff were always responsive to our needs. You never missed a deadline and your creativity made Frequent Flyer look great!
Jonathan Meigs, Publisher

Although the editorial, sales and business offices of the Teleconferencing Business magazine were located in different time zones, The Hamill Group was able to work efficiently to produce and deliver all materials for editorial and advertising pages to the printer in a timely and professional manner. In addition, they redesigned the magazine to give it a more contemporary look...within budget and without the typical roadblocks associated with
redesigning a publication.

Shonan Noronha, Editor

Even for companies with in-house capabilities,
The Hamill Group's professional and congenial
work-style make them an invaluable resource
to call upon during times that make
outsourcing necessary.

Paul B. Beatty, Publisher and Consultant

The Hamill Group team is simply extraordinary. I relied on them for all design work...There was never a concern about design quality, or whether a deadline would be met. I was always impressed with their instinctive ability to anticipate a design direction, take one of my ideas idea up several levels or come up with something totally original. It is a testament to The Hamill Group's skills that in three years working together, I went to their office only once. There is no doubt in my mind that the Hamill Group made all the difference.
Noel Ward, Editor-in-Chief

The Hamill Group delivers outstanding,
award winning design, on deadline,
in a hassle-free manner.
They are extremely capable and able to adapt to
workflows that are compatible to the client.

Paul White, Publisher

I found The Hamill Group to be
very professional, responsive and resourceful.
I'd highly recommend them.

Karen Goodwin, Editor-in-Chief